Panasonic P100 Smartphone Price, Features, Specification

It is said that technology makes no distinction between the rich and poor, and nothing proves this fact better than Panasonic P100 smartphone. In recent times, advanced smartphone technology found in expensive smartphones can now be seen in ones costing as much as ₹15,000. The smartphone, you see, is no longer a toy for the rich. In fact, owning a fast, versatile, and feature-packed smartphone is the bare minimum need to succeed in life. However, you don’t even have to spend that much for a powerful and feature-packed smartphone.

Panasonic P100 smartphone Specifications

Allow us to introduce the Panasonic P100 smartphone. Starting at just ₹5,299, the P100 is the perfect upgrade for feature phone users who want the complete smartphone experience without compromising on features and performance, as is the case with other budget smartphones. For starters, the Panasonic P100 is a budget smartphone that doesn’t look, feel, or perform like anything made on a budget.

The P100’s high quality glossy exterior finish is available in professional Dark Grey and Black finishes along with premium Blue and Gold variants as well. What’s more, the P100 comes equipped with the industry leader Corning’s scratch and shatter resistant Gorilla Glass protection so that you can stop worrying about expensive repairs associated with shattered displays.

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